Najma Nuur

Gender woman
Seeking man
Age 25
Country Australia
City Perth

A Muslim girl who's been searching for a true Muslim man (who really understands Islam and knows what manhood is really about) to continue my journey on earth with, & to walk with, hand in hand towards Jannah in shaa' Allah. I'm serious about Islam & so should my husband to be.

I mean it.I believe we must constantly keep working on ourselves to earn the happy ending in both this life and the next (I try my best to stay on track). It will be great if one's life companion both shares this vision, and the willingness to give the required support.

I have 2 siblings. I live with my family. I studied English Language and Literature. I'm self employed. I write, listen to good music (especially classic music), sometimes do yoga & swim. I also love going to the movies, & I ❤ cats!I am able to appreciate goodness and beauty in whichever form they come.

So, if you're the kinda guy who measures things by specific stereotypes, chances are we won't get along. Also, I don't appeal to guys with confused identity & double standards, just as they do not to me.

I'm looking for someone who's humble, someone who went through his own growth path & actualy did the growing up homework. I wanna be with someone who can meet me on all levels (spiritual, mental, emotional, & physical).

I must also say that, of course he must know when is the right time for intimate discussions, & respect my boundaries as a Muslimah. To me, good looks, wealth, & power mean nothing compared to genuine interest


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