Fatuma-Zahra Cali

Gender woman
Seeking man
Age 29
Country United Kingdom
City Birmingham

Well talking about myself is definitely harder than it looks. In a nutshell I consider myself to be an individual who is open-minded, fairly modest, seeking knowledge - three traits that describe me well. But I would say my personality is more nerdy if anything. I am a goofball that loves to joke around and enjoy life.

I am kind and courteous to everyone i meet because my motto is treat others how you want to be treated.I am happy person by nature, appreciate life, even the little things. I live for the excitement and find that in every day life whether at work, traveling, watching films or doing photography, cooking, walking around art galleries...

Family is number one over all. Don't like judgmental individuals and would appreciate someone who doesn't see the world as black and white. I'm testing the waters and maybe stumble upon the one destined for me.


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